Exam Fees

Fees are effective June 20 2019 and may change without notice.

OEBC announces the exam fee of $5100

Payment of exam fees must be by credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or Visa debit card.  

Payment of other fees must be by cheque or bank draft (i.e. official cheque), payable to Optometry Examining Board of Canada, mailed to:

37 Sandiford Drive Suite 403
Stouffville ON L4A 3Z2

Exam Fees 

Fee (CDN funds)

Written Examination




Written Examination & OSCE


Other Fees


Administrative Fee (Cancellations/Refunds)


Rescore (Written Exam) (by cheque only)


Appeal level 1 (by cheque only)


Appeal level 2 (by cheque only)


Appeal level 3 (by cheque only)


NSF administration fee (for returned cheques due insufficient funds)


Certificate Replacement*


*Certificate replacement within 3 months of taking exam is provided at no charge.