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Candidate Instructions & Exam Guide - revised page 17 March 20 2019

OSCE Video Examples 

Many Canadian examining boards for regulated health professions use an OSCE format for entry-to-practice exams. Candidates may wish to review the OEBC videos as a source of information about how OSCE administrations and OSCE stations are run in the OEBC exams. 

The following videos describe the OSCE administration process as well as the format of an OSCE station. Note: The videos are meant only to provide an impression of the OSCE exam format. The OEBC OSCE administration process and exam design is outlined in the materials on this website such as the candidate guide and blueprint.


Identification & Name Changes


Candidates must bring on exam day for both the written and OSCE:

  • A valid (unexpired) Canadian or foreign passport

PLUS one of

  • Canadian or US citizenship certificate
  • Canadian or US resident card
  • Canadian or US Driver's license
  • Birth Certificate PLUS one other piece of government issued identification with a photo (e.g. Canadian health card, military card)

On exam day, exam staff will check both pieces of identification to verify your identification. You will not be admitted to the examination unless you provide both pieces of identification and they are a likeness of your current physical appearance. As well, the names on your government-issued photo ID and the exam registration list must match. 

Name change

IF YOUR NAME HAS CHANGED we require a properly certified copy of one of the following for each name change. These must be submitted no later than 30 days before the exam.

  • Your marriage certificate
  • Your change of name certificate